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        Referral Program Guidelines

        We’re expressing our appreciation for your patient referrals with rewards. Please see the referral program guidelines below.

        • 1.

          The program begins August 1, 2017. Patients referred before this date will not count toward the new program.

        • 2.

          You must be a patient of the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry to be eligible for this program.

        • 3.

          This is a limited-time offer.

        • 4.

          Program gifts are subject to change.

        • 5.

          A qualifying referral is a patient who completes the full new-patient appointment.

        • 6.

          A new-patient appointment includes an exam with the doctor, full-mouth x-rays, and photos. (Full-mouth x-rays are often not needed for children. This is determined by an ACCD doctor.)

        • 7.

          Patients referred must provide your name as their referral source on their new patient forms to count toward your rewards.

        Thank you for spreading the word about your positive experiences with us. Referrals of friends and family members are the highest compliment you can give us. In fact, most of our new patients come from existing-patient referrals.