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        At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we believe that covering the cost of cosmetic dentistry or financing your treatment should be easy. To accommodate all of our patients, we offer a variety of payment options and financing plans.

        Financing with Low Monthly Payments

        Apply now! We accept three popular cosmetic dentistry financing plans. Scroll down for the links to Care Credit, GreenSky and Lending Club.

        Flexible Spending Accounts

        If your employer offers a medical spending account, it allows you to use pre-tax income that is set aside for medical expenses, toward the cost of cosmetic dentistry.

        Debit and Credit Cards

        We accept debit cards and all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

        Insurance Coverage

        Our staff is happy to assist you in determining whether your insurance company will provide benefits toward the cost of your cosmetic dentistry treatment. If benefits are provided for the treatment, we will help you file your claim. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, we do expect payment at the time of service, and we will ask your insurance company to reimburse you.

        Learn More about Our Financing Options

        We are committed to helping our patients afford premier dental care through financing plans that spread the cost of treatment over time. Please contact us to learn more about any of the financing plans mentioned above, or to schedule a complimentary consultation with us.

        Schedule a Consultation

        Lending Club Patient Solutions?

        Lending Club logo for financial information for the Atlana Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.
        We are pleased to offer flexible payment plans through Lending Club Patient Solutions.

        Lending Club Patient Solutions offers:

        • Plans with low fixed rates and low monthly payments that never change over the life of the loan.
        • Patient-friendly, no-interest plans with no retroactive interest.
        • No upfront payments.
        • No prepayment penalty.

        It’s easy to calculate your potential monthly payments. Simply complete a short application, which doesn’t impact your credit score. It displays fixed rates and monthly payments available for extended plans.

        For more information visit the Lending Club website, or contact us for assistance.

        Click Here to Apply

        CareCredit? Dental Financing Plans

        Designed specifically for health care-related expenses like cosmetic dentistry, CareCredit? offers financing plans that feature no interest and low monthly payments.

        There are no annual fees, setup costs, or prepayment penalties. Plans can be spread over a variety of time periods—anywhere from 3 to 60 months. In addition, CareCredit? can be used to help cover any health care-related expense: from $1 to $40,000.

        Apply for CareCredit? online using their easy, secure system, or contact us to learn more about CareCredit? and how it can help you manage cosmetic dentistry costs.

        Click Here to Apply

        Dental Financing

        GreenSky Patient Solutions

        Click Here to Apply