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    1. Beautiful, Healthy Smiles That's What We Do

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      When it comes to your smile we know you want to be more confident.

      It's your time to smile

      A smiling face is a beautiful face

      • Build your Confidence

        Walk into a room... look and feel great

      • Be Wildly Successful

        Get the promotion

        Find a new romance

      • Added Joy & Happiness

        Smile, Laugh out loud.

        Feel like your best self

      It's not about your teeth. It's about you.

      • Thousands of smiles transformed
      • Contributing to the wellness of others through charitable contribution.
      • Experience matters - we make it a pleasure from start to finish.

      410 Stars 5 Reviews


      At Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry, porcelain veneers are one of our most popular and effective cosmetic procedures. A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is permanently affixed to the front of the tooth, creating a brighter yet completely natural appearance.

      Learn More


      When you come to Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry for a crown restoration, you will be pleased to find our same-day option. In only one trip to our office, you can receive your full and permanent restoration thanks to our CEREC device. To learn more about same-day crowns, please call our office.

      Learn More

      Full Mouth Transformations

      Our process in full mouth transformation is extensive, as our goal is to not only give you a bright, attractive smile, but achieve perfect harmony and balance with your other features. Our team of Atlanta cosmetic dentists is recognized for their extraordinary abilities in smile restoration – experience the best Atlanta has to offer.

      Learn More

      Smile Design Process

      • calendar

        Schedule your consultation

      • clipboard

        Approve your treatment plan

      • smile

        Enjoy your new smile!

      When it comes to your smile, we know that you want to be confident.

      In order to feel that way, you need a beautiful, healthy smile. The problem is you don't like your teeth which makes you feel self-conscious or embarassed. We believe you should want to show your smile

      Charles Cooper

      The Ritz-Carlton of Dentistry with a Spa-Like Experience

      The Atlanta Center For Cosmetic Dentistry has been creating beautiful smiles for over 30 years

      In the Media

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      Online Consultation Available

      Woman smiling

      Do you want to improve your smile?

      Do you have a dental concern?

      Our online consults haven't stopped! We are working hard to make sure your dental needs don't have to wait! Connect with us today and get all of your questions answered for free in three easy steps.

      • Camera iconUpload a smile photo or area of concern.
      • Video iconWe will create a personalized video with recommendations.
      • Appointment iconView your video and schedule an appointment.
      Get Started
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