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    1. Access data for WordPress

      Created on first boot. Follow these instructions on how to retrieve the password.

      Login to the admin console.

      You should change the default credentials on first login.

      Access phpMyAdmin

      For security reasons, this URL is only accesible using localhost ( as the hostname. Visit our quick guide to learn how to connect to the phpMyAdmin application. After following the steps in our guide, you can access it here.

      System Access Data

      To access the machine via SSH you need to follow the instructions in the documentation.


      Do you need help?

      Learn how to get credentials and start using WordPress in our Beginner Guide for WordPress on AWS.

      Then, learn how to perform more advanced tasks, such as using SSL and a custom domain name, in our Intermediate Guide for WordPress on AWS.

      A Quick Start Guide and FAQs for WordPress are available in the Bitnami Documentation.

      If you can't find an answer to your question there, post to our active Community forums.

      Disable this page

      Do you want to remove this welcome page? Visit our quick guide to learn how to disable it.